Finca do Frendoal - CANGAS
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La Casa Torre of Aldan, belonging to the Counts of Canalejas, large landowners in the region, had one of the widest and most beautiful stretches of the Morrazo Peninsula. Located in the heart of the parish of Aldán, the farm had architectural structures of great artistic and monumental value.

It was used by family and friends as a place of rest and recreation to practice their favorite sports, including hunting. Until recently, to enjoy these places it was about a small group, as it was a private property. This condition changed by passing the Finca O Frendoal, popularly known as the Enchanted Forest, available to the City of Cangas, the recovered and conditioned so it can be admired by locals and tourists.

"Historic Gardens"

It is gardens located on the left side of the estate, in a recreation area and rest of Barcelona House, which were used as forest for hunting. Or Frendoal, initially were attached to the estate of Pazo-Torre of Aldan until the early twentieth century, which finally were separated by plotting the current PO - 315.

Include its vegetation, among which we can find magnificent examples of oak, chestnut, laurel, birch and some species introduced by the counts such as spruces, creating an atmosphere of other times, as if we adentráramos in the past, reliving his splendor.

"O Aqueduct high Frendoal" (O Arco de la Condesa)

Like the gardens, the aqueduct was placed in a margin of PO-315 was also part of the Tower condominiums Aldan. It was an old water pipe running from a remote mine in the highest area of ​​O Frendoal, to the Pazo. To bridge the gap, each a massive arches, one of which was eliminated with the construction of the current layout of the PO- 315 were built, and its underground tour. The other arch is still preserved within the estate, below which the path passes through the park.

The current aqueduct is medieval, but if we go back to its source should be noted that lies in Roman times. This follows from the situation of their pipes that flowed into what is presumed were the old batteries from the factory Salting, which the Romans had in the basement of the current Tower of Aldan. Such activity required salazonera large amount of water, which was supplied by a pre-existing pipeline conduits. Later, it restored by the Count, the water flowing from the mines and went over the bar, was used for irrigation of their crops, rich in fruits and vegetables. This irrigation system was used until the seventies, being completely obsolete with the passage of time.

On the other hand, within this environment we can not overemphasize, accessories factory structure, which we will find us on the way:

Small castilo with moat and drawbridge.

Its construction began in the sixties as a rest area for the counts, but left unfinished. Today its original structure remains.

Croquet lawn.

Located opposite the main facade of the castle was used during the sixties and seventies. Rest benches. Promenade lined with chestnut trees. Where locals take advantage of the walk in autumn to pick fruit.

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  • Travel from Cangas, 5 kms drive.