O Carballal de Coiro - CANGAS

This Oak Grove, located in the parish of Coiro, represents one of the most important bodies of native forest on the southern coast of Galicia.

It has a great value for the region for its getter and spring water

You can access it in several ways. First, coming from Bueu to Cangas by the PO- 551, just reaching the Alto de la Portela, take a detour to the left going to the hermitage of San Cosme. Gradually we enter the Fraga, through Bouzos waterfall river, which runs from the area of ​​Ermelo and hides numerous mills being known of "Faust".

Another easier access, would climb to the beautiful church of Coiro and take the path that goes around the back of it. We crossed a steep path that ends with the main track coming from San Cosme. There will find several crossings of roads leading to the mountains of Pena, Paralaia or Ermelo

In this natural space the dominant tree is the oak (Quercus robur). We also find native species such as chestnut, cherry, and others. This spot is known abundant false acacia (Robinia pseudo acacia). Los Laureles, sanguinhos and thorns are some of the shrubs that are part of the understory and riverbanks. Declared Protected Natural Area for their ecological, landscape and recreational values, like Cabo Home and Bar, the Oak Grove has an area of ​​approximately 365 hectare

Characteristics of Nature routes

  • Travel from Cangas, 4 kms drive.