Ruta de Cabo Udra - BUEU
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Aldán estuary opens at the end of the peninsula of O Morrazo between the tip of O Couso ( See SCI Costa da Vela ) and Udra out . Its coast from the beach of A Mourisca (Bueu ) and Menduíña (Cangas ) is a chain of rocks and small sandy areas touched by the beauty and underwater wealth.

Dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and porpoises are relatively common in these waters also covered by the protected area. From Earth observation with panoramic views that do not disappoint become one of the main attractions to visit. There is a signposted route from Bueu and Hall of Nature in the parish of Beluso.

In the course discover the peculiar " huts " constructions of the shepherds sheltered from the many rocks in the area , and abandoned military batteries .

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