Santuario do deus Berobreo no Facho en Donón - CANGAS
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At the western end of the Peninsula of Morrazo, individualized contour and high above the ocean, Mount Facho over centuries hosted the various expressions of life in the region, the sound also in the history of Galicia.

First, from the tenth century B.C. even the seventh century B.C., there was a village on the eastern slope of the penalties we have no information except its exceptional size ..

From the sixth century B.C. the Galician castro, fortified populated that even subsist the first century arises la.C. From him we can still see part of the walls, the moat, the stones that made their homes and now cover the slopes of Mount, heaps of garbage on the banks of the village or the current topography of the mountain which derives both from the construction itself the village how natural setting

Later, a shrine built on the summit will pick up the old beliefs of those who had lived in the castro to provide them, throughout the centuries II to IV AD, a young character, now marked pole process of assimilation of Latino culture in the region of the Roman empire called Gallaecia. inally in the eighteenth century as military coastal surveillance which survives the gatehouse is built purposes.

161 altars appeared, in which he married two thousand years must have been a forest of interest raised on the mountain top.

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  • Travel from Cangas, 11 kms drive.