Sendeiro dos Muíños de Riomaior - VILABOA

Traditional architecture / Ethnography 

This trail is located on the boundary between the parishes of Santa Cristina and Santo Adrán de Cobres.

We begin our journey in the vicinity of the Riomaior Cultural Centre, where we find the sign identifying this pathway.

There are 34 mills altogether on the banks of the River Maior, mostly restored, which in the past ground grains such as oats, rye and especially corn. A little pathway by the river takes us from one mill to another; the most technical and complex zones are well-endowed with walkways, bridges and wooden steps.

The route comes to an end at the mill known as Muíño de Miguel Lois. At this point, and given the shortness of the walk, we recommend returning to the starting point along the same pathway.

Access:Turn off the N-554 down the PO-0101 to Vilaboa. Take the paved track on the right to the Riomaior Cultural Centre.

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